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Hear It from Our Patients

“Dr. Elkins’ dry needling is life changing! Truly!

She’s been a godsend for both my long term and short term recovery needs!

Recently I wasn’t able to look to the right more than an inch or two from center. Sharp shooting pain down my right arm. No idea what I did to cause it, but knew exactly who to see to fix it! She did a couple of dry needling sessions and it helped 100% heal whatever the issue was.

She is absolutely the BEST of the best! Dr. Elkins raises the bar (HIGH) in expertise, bedside manner, humor, and sincere kindness…all in the name of healing!”

"Dr. Elkins helped me recover from my
spinal fusion. She eased my fears and
anxiety, but most importantly helped me
regain my life. With her knowledge and expertise I
have returned to my previously active lifestyle with
my husband and grandchildren without fear of re-
injuring myself. She guided me throughout multiple
stages of my postoperative care and
provided exercises and manual therapy to
ensure I had an optimal recovery."

"Dr. Elkins is an excellent physical therapist
—extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful,
and effective. My back was a mess before
I started seeing her. I had ignored muscle tension for
too long and it led to cervical radiculopathy (pinched
nerve). In the past, I would rely on massage to
temporarily relieve some of my symptoms; however,
they would quickly resurface. Luckily, I found Dr.
Elkins. She was able to quickly identify the source
of the pain and used multiple complimentary
techniques, including dry needling, to address the
root cause of the problem. Save yourself
some time—go see Dr. Elkins if you have
pain or other physical therapy requirement."

"When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, both my wife and I did not know what we were up against. Our first consult with Brittany was so very helpful. For over an hour, she educated us on Parkinson’s Disease, on the theory of LSVT-BIG physical therapy, and on its protocols. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and empathy gave us hope that I could achieve and maintain the goals of the program. I immediately started therapy with her supervision. When COVID-19 happened, Brittany went the extra mile to set up a “masked garage therapy program” at my home for strength and balance training. Because of her passion for helping those with Parkinson’s disease and her understanding and caring for her patients, I have made great strides in improving my strength and balance. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for giving me hope for the future."

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